Coin Op Self Service

Laundry Hours
The laundry is open 7/365  Attended Hours: Monday – Saturday 8am – 7pm Sunday 9am – 7pm

Washer & Dryers

We have 5 – 60 lb washers, 4 –  35 lb washers, 7 – 25 lb washers,  and 10 – 12 lb washers
We have 24+ single pocket 30 lb dryers, 2+ 30 lb dryer ( each stack dryers has two 30 lb pockets ) and one 50 lb dryer.

Curious about any of our machines? Please ask us!

Convenience & Assistance

Our laundry carts may be taken outside to help with the loading and unloading process.  Please return them to the inside when finished.

If you need physical help with your  laundry, please ask.  None of us are getting any younger!  We are also glad to help if you have an infant in a car seat.  You can carry your precious cargo-we’ll lug your laundry!

We also have 2 change machines that only give coins and one “bill breaker” change machine. This machine will give coins for  $1 & $5 bills, $10 bills will get one $5 bill and 5 dollars worth of quarters, $20 bills will get three 5s and 5 dollars worth of quarters.

If you need a snack while your here
We have a candy and soda machine and a small arcade.

Child Friendly Environment:
We have a kids area located within the laundromat. We also have a TV with video player for the kids to watch. This area is blocked off by a small wall to help keep small kids safe!

  *** Laundromat doors automatically lock at 12am!!***

We are here to help!

We have a suggestion box located at the laundromat or click here and would love to hear your comments—good and bad.  We truly value your comments and your business.